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Arabic translations of Getselfhelp's resources

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ABCDE Thought Challenging

About Automatic Thoughts

ACT: Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

Accept, Change or Let Go?

ACE Activity

ACT: Accept, Choose, Take Action

ADHD Self Help


Alternative Thoughts

Anger Self Help

Anorexia Self Help

Anxiety Self Help

Anxiety Self Help  (alternative version) 


Avoidance - Graded Exposure

BACES: Self Care


Bipolar Self Help - المساعدة الذاتية لاضطراب ثنائي القطب


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Colour Breathing

Colour for Health

Communication Styles

Compassionate Kit Bag

Compassion Self Help

Coping with Flashbacks

Coping with Suicidal Thoughts

Court Case - thought challenging

Crisis Management Plan

Cycling in Cycles - metaphor

Defusion Techniques

Depression Self Help

DBT: Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

Different Perspectives

Distract!  Attention!

Distress Self Help

Distress Tolerance



Emergency or soothe box -  صندوق الطوارئ أو التهدئة

Emotion Regulation


Energising vs Draining activities

Epictetus Quotes

Esteem Self Help

Fact or Opinion?

Fake News!

Flashbacks:  Grounding Techniques

Flashbacks - coping with

Flexible Thinking

Grounding Techniques

Health Anxiety Self Help

Helicopter View


Imagery for Self Help

Increasing Activity / Motivation

Interpersonal Effectiveness

Meaning and Purpose


Mental Health & Wellbeing in the Pandemic

Meridian Energy Therapies

Metaphors for therapy

Mind Bully

Mindful Breathing

Mindful Rationale


Mindfulness of Emotions

Mindfulness - The Visitor

MultiModal Therapy Self Help

Music for Health

Nature as Therapy

Negative Emotions

Notice the Positives

NOW  - Mindfulness for Busy People

OCD Self Help


Panic Self Help Guide

Parrot (trauma metaphor)

Phobias Self Help

Poisoned Parrot

Psychosis Self Help

PTSD Self Help

Quotes - Epictetus

Quotes - Frankl

Quotes - Laotzu

Quotes - others


Rucksacks - metaphor

Safety Plan - cards

Schema Therapy

SEEK LIFT - positive steps to wellbeing

Self Esteem Self Help

Sleep Self Help

Social Anxiety Self Help

Solution Focused Therapy


Stress Self Help

Substance Misuse Self Help

Suicidal Thoughts (coping guide)

Super Scanner (Health Anxiety)

The Battery

Thought Challenging

Unhelpful thinking habits - عادات التفكير غير المفيدة


Vicious Cogs

Wise Mind

Worry Tree

Worry Zones

Writing as Therapy

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