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Thought Challenging

A thought challenge or record sheet is normally printed in a table of several columns.  You can download a 6 column thought challenge sheet here, or use the Court Case thought challenge (webpage).

This page contains the same information as the 6 column sheet in a different format.


  • What happened?
  • Where?
  • When?
  • Who with?
  • How?

Emotions / Moods
0 - 100%

  • What emotion did I feel at that time?  What else?  How intense was it?

Physical sensations

  • What did I notice in my body?  Where did I feel it?

Unhelpful thoughts or images

  • What went through my mind? 
  • What was it about the situation that disturbed or upset me? 
  • What did those thoughts/images/memories mean to me, or tell me about the situation? 
  • What am I responding to? 
  • What 'button' is this pressing for me? 
  • What would be the worst thing about that, or that could happen?
  • What is the one REALLY upsetting or hot thought?

Alternative or Realistic thought

More balanced perspective

  • Is this fact or opinion?
  • What would someone else say about this situation?
  • What's the bigger picture or helicopter view?
  • What is another way of looking at this?
  • What advice would I give someone else?
  • Is my reaction in proportion to the actual event?
  • Is this really as important as it seems?

What I did or What I could do

Diffusion technique. 

What's the best response?

Re-rate emotion 0 - 100%

  • What could I do differently?
  • What would be more effective?
  • Do what works!
  • Act wisely.
  • What will be most helpful for me or the situation?
  • Consider the consequences.

  Responding to Thoughts

Court Case thought challenge   (webpage)



Fact Or Opinion

The Helicopter View

The Poisonous Parrot

Flexible Thinking

Thought Challenge

The Court Case

The Mind Bully

Different Perspectives

Positive Coping Statements

Unhelpful Thinking Styles





The Court Case: 
  Thought Challenging




Other thought challenge or record sheets (PDF format).


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