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Free Downloads - Alphabetical List of CBT Worksheets & Information Sheets A to M


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Cognitive Models & Formulations

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3 Questions To Ask When Starting Therapy

5 Aspects Model

5 Aspects Model For Paranoia

5 Aspects Model For Voices

5 Aspects Model With Prompts

5 Ways To Personal Wellbeing

ABC For Paranoia

ABC For Voices

ABC Worksheet


About Automatic Thoughts

Accepting Anxiety

ACE Activity:  Achieve, Connect, Enjoy

ACE Log:  Activity Diary For Achieve, Connect, Enjoy

ACT:   Accept, Choose Value, Take Action

ACT Worksheet

Activity And Rest Diary

Activity Diary

Adult ADHD. Self Help Guide

Advantages And Disadvantages of Change


Alarming Adrenaline

Alternative Thoughts And Actions

Anger Thought Record Sheet

Anger:  Quick Reference

Anger:  Information & Self Help leaflet

Angry Cogs

Anorexia Thought Record Sheet

Anorexia:   Information & Self Help leaflet

Anxiety Thought Record Sheet

Anxiety:  Quick Reference

Anxiety:   Information & Self Help leaflet

APPLE:  A Mindful Response to Thoughts

APPLE:  Tolerating Uncertainty


Assessment Prompt

Automatic Thoughts

Avoidance Worksheet / Graded Exposure: Facing your Fears

Avoidance: FACE

BACE Daily Activity Diary

BACE Weekly Activity Diary

BACE Weekly Activity Diary 2

BACES: Positive Steps To Mental Health

Basic Formulation

Basic Formulation 2

Basic ID - Multimodal Therapy Formulation

BatteryBehavioural Activation.  Lift vs Down Activities

Behavioural Activation:  Increasing Activity

Behavioural Activation Worksheet

Behavioural Experiment Record Sheet

Behavioural Experiment Worksheet

Beyond Our Control

Bipolar Mood Management

Body Dysmorphia Thought Record Sheet


Budgeting Worksheet

Bulimia & Binge Eating Self Help

Card Pack:  Getselfhelp card pack of 56 cards for self help (to purchase)

CBT for Cyclists:  Therapy Metaphor

Change:  Advantages and Disadvantages

Change, Accept or Let Go?

Chronic Pain & Fatigue Self Help

CLEAN:  5 ways to personal wellbeing

Colour Breathing & Colour for Mental Health

Commitment To Life Contract

Communication Styles:  Passive, Assertive, Aggressive

Compassion Self Help

Compassionate Kitbag


Coping With Flashbacks

Coping With Suicidal Thoughts

Coping:  What will help?

Could This Be OCD?  Thoughts Checklist

Court Case Sheet

Cravings Diary

Creating The Bridge to Middle Ground: Dialectics

Crisis Management Plan

Critical Voice Thought Record Sheet

CTSR Scale Feedback Form  (Word)

Cycling In Cycles:  Therapy Metaphor

Dealing With Distress - 39 page booklet

Dealing With Distress Worksheet

Dealing With Distress Worksheet 2

Dealing With Negative Emotions

Defusion Exercises

Delay, Distract, Decide

Dementia Factsheet

Depression:  Nourishing And Depleting Activities

Depression Thought Record Sheet

Depression:  Quick Reference

Depression Self Help

Depression & Healthy Eating

Different Perspectives

Discrimination Worksheet For Flashbacks (PTSD)

DRIFT:  The Distant & Restless Inner Focus Trap

EMDR Prompt Sheet

EMDR:  Client Information

Emergency Bag / Box

Emotion Picker:  What do I feel?


ERP Practice Record  (Exposure Response Prevention)

Evaluation And Closing Form

Exposure Homework Sheet

FACE: Avoidance Worksheet

Fact Or Opinion Cards:  8 cards on A4 sheet

Fact Or Opinion?

Fear Or Danger?

Finding Alternative Thoughts

Finding Meaning In Life

First Appointment Prompt Sheet (CBT Assessment)

Five Aspects Model

Five Aspects Model For Paranoia

Five Aspects Model For Voices

Five Aspects Model With Prompts

Five Ways To Personal Wellbeing

Food & Mental Health

Food Diary

Food Diary 2

Formulation:  Basic

Formulation:  Basic 2

Formulation:  Longitudinal

Formulation:  Person Centred Model

Goal Setting Worksheet

Great Dream: 10 keys to happier living

GAD & Worry Self Help

GAD:  Thought Record Sheet for beliefs about worry

GAD:  Thought Record Sheet for worry

GAD:  Worry Record Sheet

GAD:  Vicious cycle of Uncertainty

GAD:   Vicious Cogs

GAD:  Rumination & worry

GAD:  Tolerating Uncertainty

GAD:  Worry Tree

Habituation Diagram

Happy (Or Horrible) Holidays

Health Anxiety Self Help

Health Anxiety Thought Record Sheet

Healthy Balance: Personal Scale  5 column

Healthy Balance: Personal Scale  3 column

Healthy Eating & Depression

Helicopter View

Helicopter View Worksheet

Hierarchy of Feared Situations

Hindsight Bias Worksheet

Homework Practice Record

Imagery For Cancer

Imagery Self Help

Increasing Activity:  Behavioural Activation

Increasing Motivation


Keep Calm & Carry On:  8 cards on red background

Keep Calm & DO NO HARM:  8 cards on red background

Keep Calm & DO NO HARM:  A4 poster

Keep Calm and Carry On:  8 cards on blue background

Keep Calm and Carry On:  A4 poster

Meaning and Purpose

Mental Health CV

Mental Health CV - Guide

Mind Bully / Monster Metaphor

Mindful Breathing


Mindfulness Of Emotions

Mindfulness The Visitor

Mood Diary

Mood Diary (simplified)

Multimodal Therapy - Expanded Structural Profile

Multimodal Therapy Structural Profile

Multimodal Therapy Structural Profile Inventory

Multimodal Therapy Treatment Plan

Music - Using Music Therapeutically

My Funeral Wishes

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Cognitive Models & Formulations

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